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Signing a Contract

The Legacy Audit Recovery

A+ Process

Our A+ Process

  1. Audit - we proactively audit agencies to locate real estate overages

  2. Ask - we contact clients like you who are due a refund

  3. Acquire - we get a signed agreement to work for you

  4. Apply - we work with our legal partners to file necessary paperwork to recover what is yours and issue those funds to you, less our fee.  You don't pay unless we are successful with your case.

We do NOT

  1. Advertise our services publicly.  We rely solely upon legal referrals for customer contact. 

  2. Accept all cases.  Due to the number of cases and critical deadlines involved, we only accept a select few clients at a time.  This ensures that we maintain the high level of service and communication each case deserves.

  3. Share your confidential information.  We are bound by an ethics code that prohibits sharing of information.  All clients are provided a secure online portal to upload documents.

  4. Make false promises.  If you are here, it is because we believe that we can recover monies due to you or to the estate of your loved one.

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